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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to our most asked questions about indoor tanning.

Q. Is the tan you get from a tanning bed the same as the tan you get from the sun?
A. Yes.

Q. Is an indoor tan safe?
A. Research links cancer to ultraviolet light. Exposure to ultraviolet light is the only way to get a tan. The only sure way to control how much ultraviolet light that you are exposed to (and, therefore, prevent burning, the most dangerous aspect of tanning) is by using computer-controlled, well maintained tanning beds.

Q. Do I have to wear those funny looking goggles?
A. Ultraviolet light is harmful to your eyes and is not stopped by just your eyelids alone. That is why eye guards are mandatory in all tanning parlors. Eyewear that meets government specifications will have "21 CFR" stamped on it's packaging. This means that the eyewear will stop 99% of UVB light emitted by the tanning unit. Please wear the eyewear provided.

Q. Do I really need skin lotions when I tan?
A. The heat and light from tanning dry your skin, so the lotions help to keep your skin moisturized. As well, moist skin tans best so you should really moisturize before and after each tanning session.

Q. I heard that if you are taking some medications and you are also tanning, you might have problems. Is this true?
A. Yes. Check with staff members before you start your tanning session. Some medications can cause reactions with UV light, so you need to know BEFORE you start. For a list of medications, click HERE.

Q. Do I have to take my contact lenses out when I use a tanning bed or booth?
A. No, although you may want to. Although eyewear will protect your eyes and lenses from UV damage, the heat emitted from the tanning equipment may dry out the lenses and irritate your eyes.

Q. How do I protect a fresh tattoo?
A. It is important not to expose a fresh tattoo to sunlight or indoor tanning equipment, while the tattoo is still healing, since chemicals sensitive to UV exposure have been injected into the skin. Cover the tattooed area completely or don�t tan until the skin has healed. After the skin has healed the chemicals have lost their sensitivity to UV, but continue to take moderate protective measures. Tattoos will continue to lose their brilliancy with exposure to UV light, whether it comes from indoors or from outdoors.

Q. Can I Tan During Pregnancy?
A. Please consult your physician. Although we know that there is no danger from UV rays since they cannot penetrate deeper than the dermis (skin layer), pregnant women are advised to be cautious with saunas, hot tubs, and other things that can cause excessive heat to build up in the uterus.

Q. If a person cannot tan in the sun, will he/she tan indoors?
A. Normally, a person tans indoors only as well as he/she is able to tan outdoors. Yet, those fair-skinned people who generally cannot tolerate the uncontrolled rays of the sun often achieve some color when tanning indoors. This can be attributed to a different spectral output as well as carefully timed sessions in a controlled tanning environment. Skin type, heredity, and individual photosensitivity all determine who will have success tanning indoors.

Q. I have reached a point that I just can't get any darker. What can I do?
A. Your skin actually becomes thicker as your tanning progresses and makes it difficult for UV light to penetrate the upper layers of skin. This is commonly referred to as a tanning "Plateau". Moisturizer is extremely important at this point. Your skin cells are standing up as much as 45�, and are actually reflecting UV rays. Using a lot of moisturizing lotion will help these cells lay down and become more translucent, there- fore more receptive to UV rays. Our recommendation is to use a good step 1 (or non tingle) tanning lotion for 2 to 3 tans to get your skin softened up then start a rotation with a step 2 (or hot action) tanning lotion. Rotate your tans, two tanning sessions with the step 1 tanning lotions then, one tanning session with the step 2 tanning lotion. Keep this rotation up and use plenty of moisturizer, you will get over your tanning Plateau.

Q. My face and legs don't tan very well. What should I do?
A. Our face is the only part of our body that does not produce it's own moisture. Our legs become a little dryer because of clothing, hosiery etc. Fact is that moist skin tans much better that dry skin. Use a moisturizer at least twice daily. This is not only applicable to the face and legs but all parts of your body.

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