tanning at broadway beauty
"A thoroughly enjoyable indoor tanning experience!"

Indoor tanning allows you to achieve that golden glow as safely as possible, without having to cope with the variations in outdoor temperatures and conditions. At Broadway Beauty and Tanning Salon, your exposure is optimized for your skin type by their Solana (by SolAmerica) computerized tanning system.

We Offer:

� 5 lay down beds (2 with face tanners)

� 1 Stand up bed

� 2 large style beds (very wide and extra long). These beds are the same as a stand up bed, but allow the comfort of lying down.

� All of our beds are newer (manufactured in 1998).

� All of the bulbs in our beds are changed regularly (at half the manufacturers hour recommendations).

� Bed maintenance exceeds the manufacturers standards.

� Eye protection is provided in each room and is sterilized after each use.

� Each room is also equipped with a personal stereo.

� Pleasant, clean and private rooms.

� Free Consultations - Available upon request to discuss your individual needs with any of our salon consultants. You may make an appointment for a consultation for any service that you may be contemplating. Consultations are also complimentary with all salon services. Ask us for more details!

Let Us Assist You ...

Broadway Beauty and Tanning will recommend a tanning schedule to help you develop and maintain your ideal tan with minimum exposure. We are also here to answer any questions you may have regarding the use of indoor tanning beds and general tanning do's and don'ts. Please use the links below for some helpful information we have complied for you. If you have further questions, please contact us.

� Tanning FAQ's
� Tanning and Medications
� Photos of our Rooms & Beds

Tanning Prices and Packages - We offer a few different choices to accommodate you.

You can purchase an unlimited or limited package (sold by months or by year increments with your choice of stand up beds or our lie down beds), or our points system which allows you to use all of our tanning equipment as you so desire.

The points system gives you greater flexibility. By purchasing points, you receive credits that can be used in any of our three levels of tanning. You choose any bed and the point value of that bed will be deducted from your package. The more points you buy, the better the savings!

1 minutes in Level 1 deducts 1 points
1 minutes in Level 2 deducts 1.5 points
1 minutes in Level 3 deducts 3 points

Package Prices - Unlimited Memberships


1 month
3 month
6 month
12 month
Level 1 Beds

Level 2 Beds

Level 3 Beds


Package Prices - Limited Memberships (*You must tan between 9am and 2:30pm or incur a $2.00 charge.)


1 month
Level 1 Beds

Level 2 Beds

Level 3 Beds


Package Prices - Points System

50 Points

120 Points

160 Points

220 Points

360 Points

440 Points
520 Points

660 Points

880 Points
1200 Points

1800 Points


1. Prices are subject to change and may do so without notice.
2. VIP memberships must be renewed on or before expiration date otherwise a $10.00 re-activation fee will be charged.
3. Memberships that are inactive for 3 months or more will be terminated.
4. Memberships are non-transferable.
5. GST will be added to the prices.
6. EFT membership prices will never increase as long as it is active.
7. Prices cannot be guaranteed on other memberships.
8. EFT memberships may be cancelled with a 30 day written notice.

We are proud members of the "International Smart Tan Network"

We are proud members of the "Joint Canadian Tanning Association"